FAA Physical Examinations

We perform FAA second and third class medical examinations, for both medical certificates and student pilot certificates. We generally have appointments available Monday through Friday between 1:00 PM and closing. If you need a morning appointment we will make an effort to accommodate you.

As of January 1, 2008, we have been doing the FAA paperwork TOTALLY online, using the FAA MedXPress system rather than the paper form. We will not be using the paper FAA form 8500-8, and regardless of what it says on TurboMedical’s web site or any other web site, we will NOT be accepting alternatives to the 8500-8 form either.

MedXPress is easy to use, and saves our office the time of re-entering all of your answers into the FAA’s computer system. To get started click here to go to the MedXPress website.

Once you have filled out your application online, call the office to schedule and tell whoever schedules your appointment that you have completed your application on MedXPress.

Ballston Spa FAA Physical

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